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Concert, event, ballet, landscape / outdoor modeling photography
Theo Solberg, May 18 2023 I bought my first SLR (a second hand Minolta) around 1978, when I was still a student. It took me until 2007 to buy my first DSLR (Nikon). Since 2019 I have added several mirrorless cameras to my gear (Panasonic, Olympus, OM Digital Solutions).

Having shot different subjects, I drifted more and more towards concert photography. This of course had to do with my passion for and involvement in music. So concert photography has become my major subject.

Through my oldest brother, who is a painter, I have also become a regular visitor of the world of visual art. I often shoot openings of exhibitions, but also sometimes shoot individual pieces of art for PR purposes, like for posters or press releases.

Due to the circumstances in 2020 and 2021, I have not been able to keep up shooting my usual subjects as other years. To keep busy, I turned to shooting local landscapes, seeking more peaceful and quiet spots. And sometimes with outdoor modeling. After 2021 I have continued shooting this mix of subjects.
In 2022 other kinds of events became subjects, like dance performances (flamenco, ballet) and cosplay.
Here below I have embedded a playlist with videos that show pictures of concerts, dance performances, cosplay, landscapes and models (in landscapes).

Theo Solberg is as well a photographer as an IT expert. As a photographer, his main subject is concert photography, apart from landscapes, (outdoor) modeling and cosplay. Having two small plost of land registered to his name in Scotland, he is, according to a Scottish custom, allowed to use the decorative titles of Lord Mathias J.B. Solberg / Laird (or Lord) Mathias J.B. Solberg of Chaol Ghleann. The plots are located in the grounds of Dunans Castle at Glendaruel in Argyll and in the Cloich Hills in Eddleston. He uses the decorative title Lord Mathias J.B. Solberg of Chaol Ghleann as an artist name for cosplay photography.
Theo (ᛏᚼᛁᚬ ᛋᚬᛚᛒᛁᚱᚴ).

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