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Deed of Entitlement

for the restauration of Dunans Castle

This special and extraordinary deed of entitlement is made on the day noted hereunder between
Charles Selwyn Dixon-Spain esq., Laird of Dunans Castle, of Dunans, Glendaruel,
Argyll (hereafter called "the Vendor") and

Lord Mathias J.B. Solberg of Chaol Ghleann

(hereafter called "the Laird"). Whereas (1) the Vendor is seized of the property herein after
described as "Dunans Castle" as described in Schedule the First (2) the vendor has surveyed
part of the property called Dunans Castle for a scheme of restauration and has caused an uncommon
form of conveyance to be prepared, subject to the terms laid out in the so-named page at the website, and varying according to those terms (3) the Vendor has agreed with the
Laird for the sale of property as described in Schedule the Second hereto for an estate in fee simple
in posession upon the Terms hereinafter appearing, with reservation and variance as in part two
abovenoted. Now this deed witnesses that in consideration of the sum of good value paid by the
Laird to the Vendor (the receipt whereof the Vendor acknowledges) the Vendor as beneficial
owner hereby conveys to the Laird all that property described in Schedule the Second hereto
together with a right of access to the Dunans Castle grounds and policies in perpetuity subject to the
permits and permissions of the Vendor: hereby conveyed to the Laird are rights of fishing in the river
known as Chaol Ghleann during only those times of the year that such activities are permitted.

Schedule the First (aforementiond) All those pieces of land and hereditaments situated in and
by Chaol Ghleann, and referred to collectively as Dunans Castle grounds containing the
remains or remnants or restored structures of selfsame, measuring some several acres but
excluding those buildings, private gardens and houses known as Dunans Castle, House and
Grant's Cottage, and as further defined in the terms at the website

Schedule the Second (aforementioned) All that piece of land or property formerly forming part
of the policies of Dunans Castle, and now identified as the Plot Number noted hereunder. In
wittness whereof the Vendor has caused his heritable seal and family crest to be affixed to this deed.

Charles Selwyn Dixon-Spain

Date enacted:
23rd December 2022
Plot Number:

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